Mechanical & Electrical Design

Drawings – Specifications — Tendering Documentation
Our engineers provide professional Project design and comprehensive specifications to meet all of our Clients’ Project needs, from the Concept Phase on through to the Construction and Warranty Phases. A complete range of buildings, facilities and/or equipment systems are all within the scope of EFS’ expertise. Our environmental engineering capabilities include design and field consultancy in the areas of wastewater treatment and water treatment facilities. The Senior Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental engineers oversee all phases of the design process and consult with our Field Engineers regarding particular on-site conditions that may affect the operation and maintenance of the systems and equipment. Thai Industrial Standards are the minimum criteria for designs, while various other International Standards and Best Practices are further incorporated to provide the most effective and efficient system for the Client. This process is commonly called value engineering. EFS will also monitor the Project implementation and commissioning of the selected equipment to ensure the specification criteria is adhered to 100%. This service provides the highest level of assurance to our Clients that the project will be completed on time and to a high, professional engineering standard.

Design – Fire Protection and Detection Systems

Thailand’s 1992 Fire Code is continually being upgraded toward recognized international standards, primarily due to inadequate fire protection provisions resulting in some major building fires in recent years. EFS fully understands the need for proper design, installation and commissioning of fire detection and protection systems to ensure that they provide 100% reliable performance for the life safety of the facility and its occupants. EFS’ standards are based on the Thai Code supported by NFPA Codes for fire protection systems. Our engineers are also versed in other internationally accepted Codes according to our Clients’ specific requirements.

Design – Environmental Systems

Environmental Design capabilities include Wastewater Treatment Plants and Wastewater Re-cycling Systems, both for new facilities or for existing facility remediation and expansion of capacity. Domestic Water Treatment Systems using deep well water, brackish water or saltwater as a feed source can also be designed by our Environmental Staff.