Fire Services

In conjunction with EFS’ M&E Design Consultancy, we offer the capability of Fire Services Consultancy through our Fire Services Division, which provides residential, commercial and industrial facilities with assistance in the areas of Fire Detection, Fire Protection and Fire & Life Safety.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems are recommended for proper life safety in any facility, as a fire protection system’s purpose is primarily to protect the facility itself. Early detection and notification of a fire will provide the best assurance of safety of lives.

EFS offers its professional fire engineering expertise in determining the specific needs of a facility in regards to detection and alarm systems. Complimentary facility inspections are provided prior to recommending a system. Thailand’s Fire Code is used as a primary guideline and is further supported by NFPA Codes, such as NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code.

Fire Protection and Special Hazards Protection

For a facility’s protection from fire damage, many systems are available depending on the specific hazard encountered. EFS will provide the best solution for each case, from fire extinguishers to wet or dry sprinkler systems to CO2, inert gas or foam systems. The latest technology is always considered in our recommendations, such as water-mist for kitchen hood fire suppression.

Once again, NFPA is used as the primary guideline in our consideration of a protection system for every facility. EFS offers consultancy expertise both for new facilities, as well as for upgrading existing facilities. Assistance can further be provided for supporting the installation of fire protection systems recommended.

Fire & Life Safety Consultancy – Surveys

An existing building or facility equipped with Fire Detection or Protection systems is often incorrectly considered to provide adequate protection of property and life safety for occupants. There are many factors determining the performance and suitability of such systems, such as the initial design and installation, applicable Codes and Standards, change of building use or occupancy and ongoing testing and maintenance provisions.

EFS can provide a comprehensive survey of all Fire Protection, Detection and Life Safety systems to identify defects and compliance with relevant performance requirements and to determine the condition of equipment. EFS then utilizes their Fire Protection Engineering expertise to develop cost-effective solutions, based on minimum system modifications, required to attain an acceptable level of Fire Safety.

Facility Engineering Audits

In today’s climate of facility assessment, whether it be for improving plant efficiencies or for purchasing an existing building, the Owner needs to know the detailed condition of every building services system and the quality of its preservation. With this information presented comprehensively in an Engineering Audit Report, he can make an informed financial decision for improvements or purchase of the facility.

Specific features of the Audit Report will include the effectiveness of preventive maintenance practices and maintenance staff, mechanical and electrical systems operating procedures, the presence and effectiveness of any energy management practices and the level of compliance with accepted local Codes.