Phuket International Academy (Thanyapura)

PIADS forms one part of Thanyapura, situated on an extensive campus nestled
on the boundary of a mountainous national park on the northeast of Phuket
Island. Thanyapura is a dynamic and innovative institution uniquely composed
of three separate centres: PIADS, Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club and
Thanyapura Mind Centre.

Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club not only provides facilities and
expertise to develop elite performance in sports, foster creativity in the
arts, and promote a balanced approach to personal wellness, but also
provides an outstanding focus for community recreational involvement.

Thanyapura Mind Centre explores the potential of the human mind through the
intersection of neuro-scientific research and the ancient wisdom of
meditative traditions.

Together as Thanyapura, the interplay of these three centres represents a
unique approach to the integrated cultivation of body, mind and spirit, such
that the impact of the organization as a whole is greater than the sum of
its parts; an institution that contributes to developing flourishing
individuals in an increasingly sustainable world.

EFS Scope of Work: M&E Infrastructure and Building Services Design